Roi Soleil + WINE. - Vessel 11

Roi Soleil + WINE.

Roi Soleil (Sun King) is the Frenglish glitter-pop project of Matthijs Rijsdijk. As Roi Soleil he is completely absorbed in his role as a queer king of the Baroque era – with the ultimate goal of participating in the Eurovision Song Contest. Douze points! Themes such as self-love, identity and sexuality are extensively touched upon during songs that vary between danceable electro pop and vulnerable power ballads. During his shows, Roi Soleil wants to celebrate life with you, as we are all made of gold!

WINE. is full of 90’s house and 80’s synthwave influences. Always looking for that thin line between hedonistic dance music and music to cry to. WINE. represents the young generation, the LGBTQ+ community and the search for your own identity. Taboos are broken and you can dance however you like to!

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08 - March, 2024



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