Anne Vera [release show] - Vessel 11

Anne Vera [release show]

With her expressive Nederpop, Anne Vera comes to V11 to celebrate the release of her upcoming EP. Her music is in a limbo between a dreamy haze and perceptive stories, always expressed through personal and existential poetry. The whole is supported by playful synth parts, deep bass lines and stimulating drum parts. Anne Vera’s music makes you disappear into her world as a young woman in the city, guaranteed to be a spectacle for mind and ear. With Eefje de Visser, Selah Sue and Spinvis as major inspirations, Anne Vera likes to play with a range of (Dutch-spoken) pop genres.

The EP that she will release on board with us entitled ‘Eén Jaar Zomer’ is a long-awaited collection of poetic diary entries from a young twenty-something full of compelling inner reflections. The EP is presented based on seasons, each track a different time of year. With ‘Eén Jaar Zomer’ Anne Vera shows that her music is not just a sound, but an experience that stimulates the senses and the mind.

The support act is provided by BERTHAJU, tight indie pop from Rotterdam!

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05 - September, 2024



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