Jimmy Whispers - Vessel 11

Jimmy Whispers

The kind-hearted troublemaker Jimmy Whispers from Chicago now resides in Los Angeles, but he continues to steal hearts with his disarming Midwestern charm and his knack for crafting infectious old-time melodies. His melancholic music style is hard to define; it’s rooted in nostalgic pop, yet you can hear influences of dreampop, art rock, a touch of indie, and a hint of country and Americana in the mix.

Whispers has released two albums so far, with the latest dropping in early June 2023. In early May 2024, he surprised us with the single “Can’t Stop,” a sultry love ballad reminiscent of a mellow Alex Cameron. The Chicago Jimmy was raw, pouring his heart out in a demo or throwing himself off the stage in a theatrical act of self-destruction. The Los Angeles Jimmy has found his balance and a sound that sparkles and shines, though the wild spirit that has always infused his work remains untamed.

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18 - September, 2024



Deuren open



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