V11 x Guruguru Brain presents: LAIR & Monica Hapsari - Vessel 11

V11 x Guruguru Brain presents: LAIR & Monica Hapsari

LAIR (pronounced ‘lah-eer’, a local dialect for the Indonesian word ‘lahir’, meaning ‘birth’ or roughly ‘to be born’) is a six-member psych-soul/funk group hailing from Jatiwangi, West Java , Indonesia. Together with Monica Hapsari they will play V11 on the 13th of August.

The music of LAIR and Monica Hapsari can best be compared to the intense and hectic living environment of their native northern Java: humid air mixed with the salty sea, beads of sweat on the necks of truckers who rush over the rickety roads of Pantura and a permanent smell of fuel that is present everywhere. Their music is also deeply rooted in the traditional musical movement of ‘Panturan Tarling’, a form of contemporary grassroots music/performance art that is popular among the people of certain areas on the northern coast of West and Central Java.

For LAIR it’s all about the journey and the interaction with others. It is not without reason that their latest album is called ‘Ngélar’, the term that in their native language means something like: ‘going around to celebrate something’. This will be promising!

This show is a co-production between V11 and the Rotterdam based label Guruguru Brain (https://gurugurubrain.space/)

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13 - August, 2024



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