Erik Nervous & Citric Dummies - Vessel 11

Erik Nervous & Citric Dummies

The U.S. native Erik Nervous has taken modern punk as a way of life, and he is living it to its very core. His gritty, uplifting and quirky mix of lo-fy synthwave and punk is catchy and cheerful, monotonous but incredibly interesting. Taking inspiration from an eclectic range of sources; from the classic UK post-punk of The Fall and Gang Of Four, and their US counterparts, Devo and Talking Heads, to the cosmic groove of Can, and Steve Reich’s classical minimalism. Erik’s music is a hyperactive and ADHD-like mix of al those wide varieties, cramped into a big ball of punk-enthusiasm.

On the other side of this double-bill, are the frantic Citric Dummies. Bursting out of a burning trash heap like some mutated, blitzed skeleton in a leather jacket, they thrash their listeners with a heavy dose of pulverizing punk and harmonious hardcore. The Minneapolis-based trio rip turbocharged, catchy songs riddled with big hooks that are inhaled like paint fumes by fans of KBD, The Ramones and The Misfits. Citric Dummies are a masterclass in unpretentious and unrelenting party punk. The songs conjure chaotic and hilarious glimpses into the everyday life of a ‘hesher‘.





03 - August, 2024



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