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Festival Downtown is coming to V11 on September 23. In collaboration with Cloudhead, a exciting international program has been put together with performances by Bricknasty (IE), hackedepicciotto (DE) and LE MOTAT from Rotterdam.

Bricknasty (IE)
Bricknasty is one of the most talked about bands in Ireland at the moment. The band originated in Ballymun at the beginning of 2020 as a lockdown studio project, but has since grown into a full-fledged band around singer and guitarist Fatboy. With infectious energy, soulful chords and dreamy vocals, the band combines R&B, hip-hop and an anarchist musical approach. The anarchy stems from the roots of frontman Fatboy. He grew up in the Balbutcher Lane flats and was exposed to different cultures and music there; from traditional ballads to hip-hop, rave and 90s garage.

hackedepicciotto (DE)
Alexander Hacke is an original member and the bassist of Einstürzende Neubauten. Visual artist Danielle de Picciotto is a co-initiator of the Berlin Love Parade, a collaborative partner of the electronic Ocean Club & Monika Werkstatt project with Gudrun Gut and former member of the cult band Crime & The City Solution. hackedepicciotto moves between genres such as cinematographic drone, industrial, experimental music and spoken word. They alternate between meditative sung harmonies and soundscapes to heavy drones and lively, symphonic pieces, reminiscent of a perfect mix of bands like OM, Suicide, Dead Can Dance, Low and Arvo Pärt.

LE MOTAT (aka Shenkie, aka The Guilty Pleaser) is the alter ego of Rotterdam native Tato Wesselo. Always balancing on the edge between genius and folly, he writes and produces Dutch-language alternative songs with absurdist touches such as ‘1 Uurtje Verliefd’, ‘De Mat’ and ‘Gooi JIJ je KOP ‘s IN ‘t IJS’. Wesselo’s stage energy is renowned.

Festival Downtown was founded in 2014 and takes place in the middle of the most beautiful decor in the world; the skyline of Rotterdam. The Rotterdam DNA is the starting point for organizing De Nieuwe Lichting and Rotterdam scenes and makers are therefore prominently present in the program, in addition to international niche heroes. For more information about the program, check the Festival Downtown website.




23 - September, 2023



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