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Shaemless + Knife Massage

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If you were to lead Jim Morrison through a time portal and place him right in the middle of a concert by The Birthday Party, you might very well witness the birth of a band like Shaemless. Sometimes it takes a decade or three, or even four, for such intriguing musical hybrids to emerge. These folks from Nijmegen wander like lost souls in the wake of inky-black blues, charting a path through the realms of post-punk and garage-rock darkness. The result is both enchanting and spine-tingling, akin to the early works of Nick Cave or a contemporary group like The Murder Capital. In 2022, the band released their spine-chilling debut album SUUZ. But with their new EP Pick A Name, they are ready to storm the port city once again!

Knife Massage is a noisy, lo-fi guitar experience that evolves into a wild, psychedelic, and utterly sensational odyssey. The inherent defiance and rebellion in their instrumentation infuse this musical journey with unbridled energy. This translates into a lo-fi explosion of punk and garage influences that infiltrate your auditory senses and disrupt the strings until they become entangled in the rugged, tumultuous path they’ve charted for you.

This concert is organized by Rotown and V11 and has standing room only

Bandphoto: Kirsten Heskamp



24 - February, 2024



Deuren open



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