MMNQNS - Vessel 11


*text from Rotown*

The French formation MNNQNS have been tipped by many connoisseurs as a sensational live act. It’s easy to see why: the band combines catchy melodies from The Strokes, the dreamy guitar lines of Real Estate, the noise outbursts of Sonic Youth, and the cutting krautrock rhythms of DIIV and molds all these elements into a very headstrong sound.

MNNQNS mainly maintain the perfect balance between pop sensibilities and the fringes, eagerly entering collaborations with other bands to
pursue that fresh new sound. Friends of The Psychotic Monks and Bungalow Depression add their own sauce in songs like Ilde Threat and
Underseas. Tonight MNNQNS will play V11, arty alternative rock at its very best!


Marathon is an Amsterdam-based trio that got its start as a psychedelic shoegaze band before taking a turn into the direction of garage punk which leads to the Marathon sound; an explosive mix of shoegaze, post-punk and indie.


05 - May, 2022



Deuren open



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