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Fievel is Glauque

The Brooklyn/Brussels band Fievel is Glauque consists of American bandleader and keyboardist Zach Phillips, French vocalist Ma Clément, and a rotating group of musicians scattered across the globe. Lyrics switch between English and French, Ma’s native language. The words emerge through an unconventional process involving psychoanalytical dialectics, automatic writing, and interlinguistic translation of gibberish. Musically, the band’s songs frolic between passages of pure pop melody, microtonal embellishments, and illogical structures. As the renowned music blog Stereogum put it, ‘Avant-garde jazz pop duo Fievel Is Glauque is one of the most singular and inspiring new bands in the world.’

On New Year’s Day 2021, the band released a compilation album of live mono-cassette recordings titled “God’s Trashmen Sent To Right The Mess,” with their debut album “Flaming Swords” being the first fruits of the collaboration between Phillips and Clément as a composing duo. It was released in November 2022 (on Thanksgiving vacation) following an extensive tour of the US with Stereolab. Recently signed to Fat Possum with a double single release of ‘I’m Scanning Things I Can’t See / Dark Dancing,’ the band’s first album under the label is set to appear in 2024. Unleash your inner geek during this quirky show!





01 - May, 2024



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