EXEK + Nathan Roche - Vessel 11

EXEK + Nathan Roche

If you like a wild variety of musical flavours, the Australian post-punk outfit EXEK is perfect for you! Their sound is difficult to pigeon hole due to a wide variety of influences (punk, trip-hop, RnB, dub, kraut, avant-garde), but the general consensus is something in the lineage of The Fall, Happy Mondays, ESG, and PIL. This wild range of different sounds is sown seamlessly together into their own special blend, a trippy and hazy sound that often sounds like it came from outer space.

Their return to the main land has two celebratory reasons, one being their 10-year as a band anniversary, the other, their latest album The Map and the Territory that was released in October 2023. This latter release is their seventh full length, which is a remarkable track record for a band that started a decade ago. These Aussies know how to rock in a weird way, and they will take you on an incredible journey no doubt. So get your tix, and get ‘em fast, because this is going to be a trippy one.





09 - June, 2024



Deuren open



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