Cola + Autorijdend Nederland - Vessel 11

Cola + Autorijdend Nederland

When two of the three members from the highly acclaimed band Ought come together, success is almost guaranteed. Cola is the Phoenix risen from these ashes. A modern post-punk band of high caliber, executing their pointed guitar music with control and surgical precision. Within their contemporary sound, everything seamlessly aligns, like the blueprint of an architectural masterpiece.

Each track on their debut album, “Diep In View,” released in 2022, feels like placing the final piece of a puzzle. It feels complete, deliberate, and like everything falls into place. The drums are as tight as a washboard, the bass and guitar intricately interlock, and the stoic vocals are delivered with just enough emotion without veering off course. The same holds for their April 2023 release, “Keys Down If You Stay,” although the vocals here may seem to loosen up a bit. The three band members dance a perfect tango together in their sharp, fresh, and exhilarating mix of vibrant post-punk and clever indie rock.





09 - May, 2024



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