CANCELLED Nospray Presents: Special Interest - Vessel 11

CANCELLED Nospray Presents: Special Interest

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Unfortunately this show with Special Interest is cancelled for reasons beyond our control, keeping the band in the UK for longer than originally was planned.

If you bought a ticket for the show, you’ll hear from us very soon and your ticket(s) will be refunded. Sorry to all those who were looking forward to the show.

On a brighter note, ticket buyers can see Special Interest at Slachthuis in Haarlem on Saturday, 12 November for free!

Our friends at Slachthuis have been kind enough to offer all of you who purchased a ticket for tonight’s show entrance for free. Click here to find the details for the show at Slachthuis and make sure to show them your ticket for the cancelled V11 show at the entrance.

Special Interest

Special Interest was born out of New Orleans’ chaotic DIY scene. After demo tape Trust No Wave and debut 12” Spiraling, the group released their second LP The Passion Of in 2020. The Passion Of finds the band with a fuller realization of their sound. While Spiraling documented a band discovering their purpose, The Passion Of is both more chaotic and melodic, daring to finally live up to their notorious wall-of-sound live performances.

Massive, juddering beats from an old Electribe sampler and distorted bass provide much of the rhythmic backbone. The effect is purely physical, circumnavigating the brain and heading straight to the body’s core. Crass, decolonized guitar work and haunting synth lines cut through the low end noise to serve the album’s layers of drama. It’s a cloying, intense dynamic that builds to almost unbearable fever pitch at points, threatening to overwhelm and overpower. The band are currently working on their follow-up album, which will be released by Rough Trade Records in 2022.

After the live performances, V11’s dance floor opens up to everyone with a DJ on decks, free of charge! Dance nights at V11 are curated by DJ Klapsalon. Keep up to date by following us on Instagram.


10 - november, 2022



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