Peel Dream Magazine + M. Klein - Vessel 11

Peel Dream Magazine + M. Klein

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Peel Dream Magazine

The always-burning sun of Los Angeles is well represented in the work of Peel Dream Magazine. This funky music, drenched with 70’s drum computers, vibraphone trembles, and chamber strings is the brainchild of Joseph Stevens, which we can call the ‘mad professor. Joseph creates his very own fantasy world in his music, far away from reality he walks through his dream, taking everyone that listens to his music with him on his journey.

The best example of this is his latest release called Pad, a wonderful piece that feels like the cult classic Mother Earth’s Plantasia by Mort Garson. Pad has received outstanding reactions from the press in the likes of Pitchfork, NPR, and Stereogum. The record is perfect to fence off the grey winter days in Holland, with his performance in V11 being a highlight in the coldest month of the year.

M. Klein

M. Klein is a musician, composer and sound artist living in Groningen, The Netherlands. He plays guitar in Lewsberg and Geo and works with electronics in several experimental outfits such as Goldblum. Solo material sees him exploring ambient and minimal music, often captured in miniature instrumentals for electronic piano and organ. Influences range from  Erik Satie to Conrad Schnitzler and the diy soundtracks of Frans Zwartjes.


02 - February, 2023



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