The Psychotic Monks - Vessel 11

The Psychotic Monks

The Psychotic Monks are a band that fleet between the contortions of The Jesus Lizard, the looseness of Sonic Youth, the malevolent electronics of Throbbing Gristle and the organic pulse of Dublin’s Gilla Band, but ultimately create something that feels of their own. The band experiments with structure and textures, including silence and the importance of when not to play. Although their sound is dark, ominous and gloomy, it is filled with hope and just enough tiny rays of light to make you dare to dive in even deeper.

The group released their third full-length in early 2023, their coldest, most unhinged and weirdest offering to date. But in a good way. This record was produces by Gilla Band’s Daniel Fox, and the resemblance is uncanny, especially on a song like post-post. Although they share the same pumping, throbbing sound, the songs are structured completely different, and they are a completely different band in a whole. This show is for the rug rats, the Gothics and the skaters, the punks, the emos and the weirdos. This show is for everyone that feels lonely at times, and wants to bathe themselves in a night of weirdness and industrial sounds.





03 - May, 2024



Deuren open



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