Prize Collect - Vessel 11

Prize Collect

Prize Collect‘s fresh bedroom jangle pop is characterized by its infectious guitar hooks, lush bass melodies, ethereal vocals, and always propulsive drum beats. However, what truly sets Prize Collect apart is its collection of strong, clever, and concise songs. This is guitar pop with a capital ‘P’, drawing comparisons to artists like Real Estate and Mac DeMarco.

Prize Collect is the moniker through which guitarist and songwriter Marzio Scholten introduces his new music to the world. After numerous successful musical endeavors in the Dutch music scene, including his work with the indie band Opera Alaska and his Edison-nominated lo-fi solo guitar project Ruis, Scholten ventures into the indie pop realm with Prize Collect. Here, he takes on the roles of lead singer and frontman with grace. Their self-titled debut album is set to be released in early 2024 on the Dutch label Concerto Records, affiliated with the renowned Concerto record store, in collaboration with LAB Music.


This concert is organized by Rotown and V11 and has standing room only

(Photo Matthijs van der Ven)


04 - May, 2024



Deuren open



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