Slow Crush + Grivo - Vessel 11

Slow Crush + Grivo

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Slow Crush

A maelstrom of beautiful primal sound cast in the idiom of pop: Slow Crush not only masters the physics of shoegaze, but also violates them. So beholdeth the new evolutionary stage of the genre: media such as Stereogum and Triple J were mightily impressed by the debut Aurora: crackling dissonance fights off a titanic battle with dreamy guitar waves until the world of sound collapses into itself.

As Left Of The Dial alumnus, we were able to admire the band from a relatively early stage and we are therefore eagerly looking forward to some new work. Undoubtedly, our organ system will vibrate with Slow Crush’s beautiful, devilish splendor. It is wise to bring some earplugs, by the way.

*Text from Rotown*


02 - March, 2022



Deuren open



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