Horse Jumper of Love + L'orne - Vessel 11

Horse Jumper of Love + L’orne

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Horse Jumper of Love

Horse Jumper of Love has been honing a mix of sprawling slowcore and raw indie rock across the world since the release of their self-titled debut in 2017. The group loves to search for the boundaries of their genre and get a little experimental, in the likes of their fellow horse-lovers, Sparklehorse.

Their song craft is both honest and vague, roomy and singular. Their mixes are experimental and refreshing. Horse Jumper of Love is one of those bands in whom you want to take a peek in their head; feel that creative outburst, understand their complicated process. This is like the fine dining of music, the avant-garde of new waves to come.

Support by the Rotterdam band L’orne. They mix chaotic noise with soothing slowcore.


05 - October, 2023



Deuren open



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