Gustaf + Shady Nasty - Vessel 11

Gustaf + Shady Nasty

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Brooklyn-based art punk band Gustaf describes themselves delightfully blasé as “a glorified T-shirt company and Instagram account.” Their music isn’t bad either: the perfect mix of loud pop and experimental ingenuity that appeals to purists and non-conformists alike. Gustaf manages to sound casually cool; they found a fanboy early on in none other than Beck, who remixed his favorite song Design.

Gustaf’s acclaimed debut album is called Audio Drag For Ego Slobs, which is part commentary on snobbery and part quote from Laurie Anderson. That is all that has been said. The band’s shows are quite legendary at this early stage: the missing link between The Raincoats and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.


19 - May, 2022



Deuren open



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