Aafke Romeijn - Vessel 11

Aafke Romeijn

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Aafke Romeijn is an Utrecht-based musician, writer and journalist. While her roots lie in classical music (she grew up in a family of classical musicians and studied harp, composition as well as piano at the conservatory), Romeijn made her debut as a signer-songwriter with an electro-pop album. Now it’s time for M – the soundtrack to Romeijn’s book of the same name. Her diverse use of genres from piano to orcherstra, from intimate confessions to dark electro and from hip-hop to fuga transmit a sense of flexibility which flows through her compositons.

The setup will be in line with the 1.5 meter distance regulations. We’ve added extra seating on deck as well as on land to ensure great visibility of the artist. Because of noise restrictions, the show will be audible through headphones, which are included in the cost of the ticket price.


11 - september, 2020



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