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Ones to Watch

The following clips vary from short to long music related documentary recommendations, a couple of teasers and other material for you to enjoy from your screens at home. Hope everyone is safe & sound. Have a nice upcoming weekend everyone!


Mark Renner – Few Places


This short documentary follows musician Mark Renner’s journey and his archival collection Few Traces, a beautiful collection of tracks which was released by the good guys at RVNG Intl. in February 2018. Renner began recording independently in the 80s. His music was hard to come by, much of it priorly unreleased. If you’re not yet familiar with the artist, please go check him out.



DIIV – Starting Now


The Fader’s recent documentary, Starting Now, peeks into DIIV’s past, present and future. The documentary brings to light the hurtles this New York-born, LA-bsed band has had to overcome while at the same time focusing on their most recent session recordings of last year’s Deceiver album. Short and intimate, check out their story.



What’s in My Bag – Surf Curse


Remember when Surf Curse had the belly of the boat buzzing during their show back in November? That was a good time. Earlier this month the band was featured on Amoeba’s What’s in My Bag series, which lead to a bunch of movie recommendations.



Keyboard Fantasies: The Beverly Glenn-Copeland Story


At IFFR, we saw Keyboard Fantasies, a film about the incredible outsider genius Beverly Glenn-Copeland. It is a beautiful journey of dreamy, electronic music by the classically trained musician. Unfortunately we could only find the trailer, but if you ever get your hands on the full film, please watch it.


Hier is Harry Merry

And another teaser, this time on the Rotterdam legend, Harry Merry. If you’ve been around the local music scene during the past two decades, you’ve probably come across the guy. Hier is Harry Merry follows the keyboard composer over two years of intensive filming, capturing strange and special intimate moments. Wock & Woll babeeh.



Bless the International Documenatry Filmfestival Amsterdam for sharing a very long list of documentaries, which are available to the whole world for free via this link.


Please also check out our Open Call for Quaran’zine! We’d love to hear what you have to share, music tips, ghost stories, jokes or whatever. We’ll be updating our blog with these thoughts and later, we’ll compile a zine which we will publish and send out to our members.

April 23, 2020

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