The Jerry Hormone Ego Trip - Vessel 11

The Jerry Hormone Ego Trip

The Jerry Hormone Ego Trip

is the Dutch rock ‘n’ roll band revolving around Borre-wroter and punk rock legend Jerry Hormone. His two excellent releases ‘Stout! Naughty! Naughty!’ (2016) and ‘The Jerry Hormone Ego Trip is swinging!’ (2019) are packed with Dutch beet, organ punk, novelty exotica, tearjerker country and straight-up garage rock.

Last year The Jerry Hormone Ego Trip pleased the crowds with six single releases. Fans slide in the DMs: “When can we hear those songs live?” Programmers are on the phone: “Would you like-, please come and play with us in the hall?” In fact, Jerry is NOT in the mood at all and preferred to stay on the couch but hey, his girlfriend said it would be good for their relationship if he was out one night a week too, so he’ll get over it.

You will not notice his fresh (?) reluctance, because Jerry is a professional. Live, he rages across the stage, first riling up the audience and then provoking it while his band (without Hormone also known as The Tambles) play on the brink of insanity. It’s the ultimate musical equivalent of a controlled explosion in your mother tongue: “Boom!”


03 - March, 2023



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