Superbloom + Wrong Man - Vessel 11

Superbloom + Wrong Man

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Superbloom is Brooklyn’s finest; feverish and raw, and with an instantly memorable punch. The listener can expect searing, overdriven guitars and thrashing drums; heavy, hearty riffs full of fire and flavor; and impassioned, driving vocal melodies that get stuck in your head for weeks on end. On their soon-to-be released EP Life’s A Blur, Superbloom are again retaining their signature hooks, dreamy tones, and infectious bouncy rhythms that made their debut so irresistible.

With a shaded love for a wide range of music and a shared background in hardcore/punk, Wrong Man is a band that thrives on the tension between loud guitars, subtle melodies and a bluesy groove. Post Hardcore, post-punk, alt-rock of MTV’s 120 minutes could all be references. A tense cloud of heavy violence is heading straight for Rotterdam. Hold on tight folks, it’s going to be a bumpy ride


28 - September, 2023



Deuren open



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