Sprints + Rats and Daggers - Vessel 11

Sprints + Rats and Daggers

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In 2019, pals Karla Chubb, Colm O’Reilly and Jack Callan played in a band where motivation was lacking. A Savages concert rekindled the fire: with bassist Sam McCann joining in, Irish outfit Sprints was born. The genuine, heart-on-the-sleeve, fist-in-the-air anthems of this bunch is stuffed with razor-sharp one-liners and frank outpourings.

Sprints is a band of the truth and three chords, nevertheless within the punk rock idiom. The personal is political and vice versa: topics such as the abortion rights, the homeless crisis and the class struggles are rooted in Chubb’s personal anecdotes.

Raw, straightforward and without frills: all songs of Sprints sound spry and catchy, but also have a noisy edge to them that penetrates heart and soul. The latest release A Modern Job EP was produced by Daniel Fox of Gilla Band, with new bangers like Im In A Band and Delia Smith in their arsenal. So sprint your way to some tickets, because this is a live band with a reputation.



11 - September, 2022



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