Smudged + Cymbaline (SOLD OUT) - Vessel 11

Smudged + Cymbaline (SOLD OUT)

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The green plague known as Smudged has been raging through the landscapes, causing mischief wherever they land. Any person who has dealt with this collective lives to tell about it: the madness always reigns. Between the primal power of drummer/professional agitator Bart Hoogvliet and the inventiveness of synth-wizard Mink Steekelenburg create a sonic onslaught that appeases both casuals and connoisseurs.

Smudged thrives just as much on large-scale festival stages as the dirty, sweat and beer-soaked cellars. It all started as a bit of an impulsive joke: Hoogvliet and Steekelenburg wanted to be at Rotterdam’s Eendracht Festival and decided to just go jamming together, without much of a plan.

That got a little out of hand: it is precisely this unpredictability that made everyone who booked Smudged ask them back. Ajuna Vlasblom and Victor Heijink join in on the fracas, and suddenly, the band rose to the ranks into one of the most exciting, combustible live acts around.

While impulse and haphazard fun reign above all else, over the years, Smudged have further deepened and refined their sound. For upcoming EP, Smudged once again dropped by Simon Akkermans’ Epic Rainbow Unicorn Studios, spearheaded by new single Blisters. Tonight the band celebrate this release in style: with their chaotic, white-hot concoction of fuzz, hard electro, kraut rock and post-punk.

After the live performances, V11’s dance floor opens up to everyone with a DJ on decks, free of charge! Dance nights at V11 are curated by DJ Klapsalon. Keep up to date by following us on Instagram.


11 - November, 2022



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