Novits - Release show - Vessel 11

Novits – Release show

Novits is committed to pushing artistic boundaries and creating music that resonates with the heart and soul. With her unique sound and genuine storytelling, she invites you to join her on this introspective journey.

Novits’ music offers a captivating blend of folk, rock, and pop influences, enriched by the grandiosity of cinematic soundscapes that echo the likes of Florence + the Machine and Hozier. Each song is a soundtrack to her story. The heartfelt lyrics resonate with those who are familiar with the turbulence of inner conflict and personal growth.

The Grounded EP
In her debut EP, Grounded, Novits unveils a carefully crafted narrative divided into four parts, each delving deep into the human psyche. These parts are a testament to the artist’s relentless commitment to conveying the raw and honest emotions that many face but often struggle to articulate. Novits’ music is a medium through which she shares her innermost thoughts and experiences, providing solace to those who relate.

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11 - January, 2024



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