Pillow Queens + ARXX - Vessel 11

Pillow Queens + ARXX

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The Irish band Pillow Queens writes loaded songs: on the one hand, obstinate guitars resound in the direction of indie rock and post-punk. But the songs themselves are hit-sensitive and very strong: as if Adéle has suddenly started playing in an alternative guitar band. Many of the songs on breakthrough album In Waiting deal with the growing pains of singer/guitarist Sarah Corcoran, and how her religious background came into conflict with her sexual identity.

The band has quickly become an oft-tipped name worldwide, from The Guardian to BBC Radio 1. However, the pandemic made it impossible to tour the songs on In Waiting consistently. Fortunately, Pillow Queens can now finally spread its wings. Tonight they will be in the cozy V11: probably the last time you can see this special company in miniature.


17 - May, 2022



Deuren open



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