King Nun + Flat Party - Vessel 11

King Nun + Flat Party

King Nun is a young and heavy alternative-rock quartet from London. They bonded together over a love for bands off the beaten path, like Richard Hell, Television and Sonic Youth. With this in mind, you can almost taste the young and ambitious energy of a teenage rockband in their music, that vicious and delicious rock’n’roll dream that’s still in the palm of their hand. Their songs are heavy and fuzzy, but with melodic choruses and stubborn optimism that are a staple throughout their oeuvre.

The band released its sophomore Lamb in September, a dynamic and high energy record full of clever hooks and intertwining guitar riffs, reminiscent of Nada Surf or an early The Smashing Pumpkins. With this album, they returned to their heavier roots, while still maintaining the infectious choruses you’re used to. Expect an energetic and high-spirited, heavy rock show with tunes that you’ll be able to whistle for days.

Flat Party is an enigmatic art-punk duo from London that you might know from Left of the Dial 2023. With an impressive vocal range, this band knows how to charm the listener with their modern, poppy, and burlesque art-rock. Dynamic and barbed guitar jabs are combined with irresistible call- and response vocals. These dreamers make sexy and clever music that is a feast for the ears.


29 - March, 2024



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