IST IST - Vessel 11

Menacing bass lines, pointed, geometric rhythms and a dark baritone that seems to transcend all doom and gloom on earth. With an obvious fondness for Joy Division and wearing Interpol on the sleeve, IST IST  may not be reinventing the wheel: they are one of the most exciting bands of the moment in this vein.

It is of course no surprise that this band comes from Manchester: the gray harbor city was the basis for the legendary influential Factory Records. IST IST is the perfect band to watch if you want to indulge in sheer pessimism for a while: sometimes that’s quite a relief, especially in an increasingly strange world. Live the band is a real sensation: in England they are a real crowd pleaser, especially since the new album The Art of Lying  entered the British Top 100.


Pale Puma will be supporting IST IST


18 - September, 2022



Deuren open



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