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POOL HOPPING! / WINDOW SHOPPING!” The indie-pop summer hit of 2021 was in the hands of Sarah Tudzin, the producer, songwriter, musician and now the face behind the guitar band illuminati hotties. Tudzin has quickly gained her cult status partly due to her extensive background as a producer and engineer. In the not too distant past she’s worked on albums by stars like Barbara Streisand, Coldplay and Imagine Dragons, and she’s now pouring that knowledge and skill into her unadulterated indie rock/pop punk-hybrid.

After some drama with her former label Tiny Engines, Tudzin was forced to release the mixtape Free I.H.: This Is Not The One You’ve Been Waiting For to break free from her contract. On her own label Snack Shack Tracks she recently released the dazzling new LP Let Me Do One More, a record full of mischievous humor, playful sound experiments, and catchy pop one-liners. From sixties pop als u v v p (a beautiful duet with Big Thief guitarist Buck Meek), the bedroom pop of Protector to hysterical noisepunk of MMMOOOAAAAAYAYA; illuminati hotties are literally all over the place. All rippers / No more skippers!

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20 - May, 2022



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