Future Teens + Snow Coats - Vessel 11

Future Teens + Snow Coats

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Future Teens

Perhaps it’s a bit confusing and contradictory to describe a band with “perky, hopeful break up songs”. But Future Teens’ catchy emo/indie-pop comes from the belief that happiness could never exist without sadness. The band’s “mental health bangers” and “bummer anthems” radiate with unprecedented joy and enthusiasm for life.

Future Teens’ latest EP is called Deliberately Alive and you can immediately feel the wink-wink-nudge-nudge in these five unruly songs, which evoke a warm fuzzy feeling inside: like meeting your bestie again at a sleazy house party, just to get on the front porch together and revel in mutual misery with infectious glee.

Snow Coats is a four-piece band from Arnhem with a knack for sunny indie-pop with a folk edge. Songs that ripple on like existential musings just before the birthday candles are blown out. The band has toured with Pinegrove and Sea Girls in the past and has received praise from international platforms such as Clash Magazine and BBC Radio One.


11 - June, 2022



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