Feed The Void: Mayo (live) + Mowgli (DJ set) + Birds (DJ set) - Vessel 11

Feed The Void: Mayo (live) + Mowgli (DJ set) + Birds (DJ set)

Feed The Void is Katie Wilkinson’s originally London-based record label. Wilkinson recently moved to Rotterdam and therefore decided to celebrate her upcoming label party on the V11 boat. Something we are very happy with!

For her night-filling program (11:00 PM – 4:00 AM) she will bring two acts along: Mayo and Mowgli. Next to that she will also DJ herself under the moniker Birds.

Mayo is an Amsterdam DJ with a broad style not easy to pigeonhole. Her work is influenced by punk and metal, as well as hip-hop and reggaeton. This can be heard in her fascinating productions that have a strong personal feel. Her self-built synth is often central to her compositions, which floats on ominous drum beats. After three well-received releases, she has decided to perform her music live. Surrounded by drum machines and synths, she lets her voice float on the compelling sounds of her music.

After Mayo’s live set, Mowgli, who is known for his leftfield selections that are stripped right back to the bare necessities, will DJ on through. Following his DJ set, Birds will continue throughout the night with her melting pot of Techno, 90s acid, Electro and 80’s EBM and New Wave.

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05 - April, 2024



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