De Toegift + Astronaut - Vessel 11

De Toegift + Astronaut

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De Toegift

The Zeeland natives The Toegift are not afraid to show their affection for this beautiful Dutch region. They combine the world of vernacular poetry and contemporary indie into the thing they want to make: Jazz-inspired indie in their own native language. Always searching for experiment, authenticity, and the perfect song, playing with thematics about time and nostalgia.

This makes for a beautiful entirety that was met with standing ovations and big crowds during the latest Popronde, where 3voor12 also named them their talent for the festival. Their particular sound can’t be found anywhere else, and with the song Nollestrand they prove that Bløf are not the only ones that can write a song about a beach in Zeeland. The one of De Toegift has our preference, but you can come and decide that for yourself on this night in V11.


10 - March, 2023



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