Bongloard + Tape Toy (SOLD OUT) - Vessel 11

Bongloard + Tape Toy (SOLD OUT)

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Bongloard is garage rock in its purest form, exactly as it should be; fast, heavy, catchy, and drenched in fuzz. The songs are loud and perfect to start a mosh pit to, with their catchy vocal lines and that wonderful gritty sound that we all love so much. It’s always a guarantee that the party has started when these men step on stage, and this night will be no different.

Tape Toy

The other side of the program names Tape Toy, which will make the evening a bit more cheerful with their melodious grunge-rock-inspired, but mostly energetic songs. The four-piece has created a very specific sound that only seems to exist inside their own universe. If they step on stage, or into the rehearsal space, they will enter this dimension and will not leave until they delivered something genius.


27 - January, 2023



Deuren open



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