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We Need Your Help

We’re launching a Crowdfunding campaign and asking you, sweet people, to help fund the live music events.



It’s good to be back and after months of silence, we’re happy to bring live music back on board again. Although things are slowly starting to roll again, unfortunately, the music scene has been hit hard and is suffering the consequences. For that reason we’ve joined forces with Voordekunst for Something on the Horizon, a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to keep realising live music shows.

We’re asking you, sweet people, to help. All the money that goes into each show is divided between paying the artist, the production staff, promotion and equipment. We have all the tools but as it is right now, we can only afford to put on a few shows. Without help, we’ll be forced to stop arranging more. With your help, we can keep the independent music scene going through these tough times!

Our plan is this:

We have bands and DJ’s confirmed throughout the months of July, August & September. Due to the Corona crisis, we’re changing the setup. We’re moving the stage up to the top deck of the boat. The audience will be seated on the land – 84 seats in total – in compliance with the 1.5 meter distance, and all with a perfect view of the stage. Because of noise restrictions, all shows will require headsets for the time being. This goes for bands as well as DJs !

Please join us!

Whatever funding we raise we’ll use to book more artists and line up shows throughout the summer. With every €1k we raise we can book another band. If we can book one extra show, wonderful. If we can book three, amazing! For more information, rewards and donations please visit here.

Much love,
The V11 crew

July 15, 2020

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