The noise-pop of Wives goes on with the traditional New York-style of raw noisy guitar sounds and fine melodic hooks. Their upcoming debut album So Removed is a dark wave of grungy post-punk that will flood over you. Songs like Waving Past Nirvana and the brand new single The 20 Teens ontvouwen fold into an absurd quasi-fictional outburst of frontman Jay Beach.

he noisy dissonance of Sonic Youth, the edgy hooks of early Pixies, and the clever, cerebral sneering of the Fall simmer as touchstones of the band’s sound: grungy dark-wave that’s tethered to daily anxiety without resorting to cynicism. High-quality indie label City Slang saw their potential early and signed this great band. And finally, in November they will visit Rotterdam for a show onboard.


20 - November, 2019



Deuren open



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