Wine Lips + Magentic Spacemen - Vessel 11

Wine Lips + Magentic Spacemen

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Wine Lips

Punk, rock and psychedelia. Wine Lips brings these three styles together to create a whole new sound. Starting out as three roommates in different bands, they came together in 2017 to start an “easy punk band”. Songs started pouring out at a breakneck speed, and once their other bands fell apart, Wine Lips evolved from simple part-time punk band to full-time cross-genre stage monstrosity.

The title of the most recent album Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party describes the sound of the band quite perfectly. Fuzzy garage rock that feels like a ingesting a surplus of sugar and adrenaline. Wine Lips are a band that knows no better than to dive full throttle into frenzied, fuzz-frenched adventure.

After the live performances, V11’s dance floor opens up to everyone with a DJ on decks, free of charge! Dance nights at V11 are curated by DJ Klapsalon. Keep up to date by following us on Instagram.


27 - November, 2022



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