V11 x Baroeg presents: Marrimack + Gevurah - Vessel 11

V11 x Baroeg presents: Marrimack + Gevurah

Almost 20 years ago, the French Merrimack played in Baroeg. That was just before the black metal band from Paris was to release their second album. The sixth album “Of Grace And Gravity” will be released in 2024, on which we hear a band that has grown enormously. The puritanical black metal spirit has remained intact and comparisons with Watain are obvious. Yet there is its own style that can mainly be heard in the melodic aspect.

Gevurah is from Montreal, Canada and released their first demo in 2011. The band has since released two full-length albums. On it you’ll find hard black metal in which there is also room for dissonant and melodic elements. In short, a very interesting package on this Wednesday evening.

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10 - July, 2024



Deuren open



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