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Trudy and the Romance

During Motel Mozaïque 2018 we fell instantly in love with loosely played songs of Trudy and the Romance. What also was a part of that is that Frontman Oliver Taylor has the appearance of a character from a Disney movie.

The music of the charming British trio makes you daydream about midcentury romance, stumbling like a shy schoolboy between the sentimental orchestral splendour of The Great American Songbook and the early birth of rock and roll.

Trudy and the Romance sing about the big dreams and little jitters, surrendering themselves to the dizzying merry-go-round where love and melancholy are entwined.


On Friday 11 October GENTS (DK) release their sophomore LP ‘Human Connection’—an album about reaching out, coming clean and trying to be an empathetic human being in a confusing, technologically dependent world.

In the spirit of the album, the Copenhagen-based spa pop duo will be joined by the live band Their Beloved Besties as they hit the road for a string of EU shows in November. It’s the first time that GENTS take on Rotterdam with a full band setup, and with the trunk loaded with drums, guitars, basses and synths GENTS & Their Beloved Besties swing by V11 with their own indie approach to a stadium-worthy performance and a set of old classics, surprises en masse and fresh tunes from Human Connection.


29 - November, 2019



Deuren open



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