Torii + Global Charming - Vessel 11

Torii + Global Charming

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Starting out as the solo project of frontman Domenico Mangione in an old school building in Leiderdorp, Torii have since evolved into a solid & seductive five piece performance, veering from shoegazy feels to their self-proclaimed ‘idiosyncratic indie pop’. After an EP release in 2016, Torii are dropping their debut LP Return To Form on Mink Records. Go ahead and snatch a taste with the first single release below.

Global Charming

A more recent development from the Amsterdam scene, Global Charming will support the night. There’s not much music out by them yet but we can definitely get behind on their polished post-punk alongside jangles, clatters, and upbeat tunes.


29 - February, 2020



Deuren open



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