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The Haunted Youth

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As The Haunted Youth, Joachim Liebens writes melancholic dream pop: references such as MGMT, The Cure, Slowdive and The War On Drugs are often added. But Liebens also cherishes a love for, for example, death metal, punk and kraut rock.

The songs of The Haunted Youth – as the name also gives away a bit – are not about dreaming about beautiful things, but the hurricane of feelings that bubble up when you choose to exist as an outsider. Liebens frames charged themes such as rebellion, depression, powerlessness and trauma with a warm pillow of dreamy reverb and intoxicating, sunny melodies.

It is quite logical that Liebens has a background in painting: The Haunted Youth is a band that makes the heavy thunderstorm overhead sound light-footed and manageable.



08 - May, 2022



Deuren open



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