Textuur 3.4: Tanning Bats / Lewsberg - Vessel 11

Textuur 3.4: Tanning Bats / Lewsberg

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Textuur returns to V11 for its fourth edition. This season, Textuur proudly presents two high quality bands from Berlin and Rotterdam, bringing a mix of post-punk, garage and rock&roll. TANNING BATS and LEWSBERG are setting sail. All aboard!


The Berlin trio creates its musical adventures through blending a surgically precise post-punk disco driven rhythm section with its own noisy surf guitar twang and angsty vocals. Within the energetic live sets all influences of the band shimmer through – from post-punk of various epochs to krautrock to afrobeat. Without blueprints but with a lot of fresh paint.

LEWSBERG (Rotterdam)

“Their music recalls the likes of The Velvet Underground, Modern Lovers, and Television, a lo-fi college rock rumble that’s arty yet sedate, stuffed with outsider cool and insouciant strumming. But while they borrow certain elements from the past, they still sound utterly modern, a not inconsiderable trick to pull off. And as Klein notes, there’s an important distinction to be made.”

*This event is made possible with the support of Gemeente Rotterdam.


11 - November, 2019



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