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Scram C Baby

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Scram C Baby has been playing in the Dutch music scene for almost three decades. They have had big successes, have released 8 albums over time, and have never thought about quitting. And it’s no surprise that Excelsior will re-release their fan-favorite album Et Maintenant…Le Rock, that saw the light of day 26 years ago.

The driving force in the band is singer John Cees Smit. John’s son is Willem Smit, which we all know from Personal Trainer and Canshaker Pi, and who had a big influence in the re-mixing of the reissue. And this is right up his alley, the apple does not fall far from the tree. The creative alt-rock á la Pavement is energetic, complex, and incredibly well-written. It alternates between uneventful, intimate parts and gritty rock-’n-roll. Scram C Baby is one of The Netherlands’ best bands, and they have been for more than 26 years.


27 - May, 2023



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