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Press Club + Lucky Blue

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Press Club

Press Club has been one of Australia’s hardest touring bands for several years now, with a super dynamic mix of pop punk, indie, garage and post-grunge. The debut Wasted Energy, widely praised by music media, lives up to its name: all the emotional gunpowder that the company has accumulated is immediately shot up into the air.

This collection of sonic flares focuses on the ever-increasing negative behavior that exists in daily society, whether that happens to be online or IRL. Press Club asks questions about how to navigate that treacherous minefield and get out of it unscathed.

With a kinetic front woman in Natalie Foster leading the way, Wasted Energy captures a band that shits on the beaten tracks. The album was recorded and released in a week before they were set to release the original debut album. Indeed, Press Club takes matters into their own hands: a new single will be released soon. Beware: this bunch of firebrands is scalding hot!


15 - June, 2022



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