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POM + Mood Bored

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The Amsterdam band POM writes earwigs with an ALL CAPS philosophy: smooth, nonchalantly played songs that occasionally derail with a bit of noise. Thematically, POM is somewhat the sad clown of the class who uses humor as a coping mechanism to disguise the reveling.

From languid dream pop to fire-breathing post-grunge violence, POM likes to take the extremes and bring them together in sticky, bittersweet bangers. Live, there is an extra kick: a real firework bomb from a band that pops in all the colors of the rainbow.

Mood Bored

An existential crisis that feels like a summer breeze. With its own sound full of poppy hooks, punky basslines and raw guitars, Mood Bored takes the indie-rock landscape by storm. The three friends from Tilburg make nostalgic songs about finding a place in a world where everything seems to be screwed up.

After the live performances, V11’s dance floor opens up to everyone with a DJ on decks, free of charge! Dance nights at V11 are curated by DJ Klapsalon. Keep up to date by following us on Instagram.


26 - November, 2022



Deuren open



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