PILE + Fine China Superbone

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“Your favourite band’s favourite band”

Originally a solo project of Rick Maguire, Pile has been operating as a band since the release of Magic Isn’t Real by the current formation back in 2010. Since the beginning, the band’s been an important part of Boston’s indie/rock scene and with every release, their loyal fanbase spread the word, which has partly led to the band’s rise more widely. Dig through their songs and you’ll be met with crepitating, stormy music, transforming with touches of punk, indie, and noise rock through each of the seven releases from over the years.

Fine China Superbone

“Making ears hurt since 1997”, Local noiserock/mathrock outfit Fine China Superbone join to support the night. Bring your earplugs, we’re in for a night of gnarly, turbulent and most definitely noisy sounds. 

Bandcamp: http://finechinasuperbone.bandcamp.com



12 - September, 2019



Deuren open



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