Canceled/Postponed MID CITY - Vessel 11

Canceled/Postponed MID CITY

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Mid City

Mid City writes fiery rock anthems with the high-octane pace of a freight train. Songs like Old Habits, Dead Broke Blues and newest single Forget It sound elemental, in-your-face, without any wasted movements or unnecessary frills whatsoever. The adrenaline rush always comes first with this band.  In addition, frontman Joel Griffith owns a deliciously manic, no-nonsense snide, burrowing through the music like a fanatic striker who prefers to drive the ball straight down the middle of the goal.

Mid City sings about the bad choices, naive adventures and universal misunderstandings that we all encounter every once in a while. Eventually, we will still end up dancing, jumping and moshing together onboard V11 like a bunch of delirious frogs. Indeed, a Mid City show leaves absolutely no figurative bullets in the chamber.


09 - May, 2020



Deuren open



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