Maraudeur + Lifeless Past - Vessel 11

Maraudeur + Lifeless Past

Maraudeur feels like a journey through different ages of punk music: from ’70s NY no wave and Rough Trade art punk to industrial ’80s coldwave. Being inspired by these genres and times, Maraudeur nonetheless sounds modern and relevant. Expect a buzzing mix of punchy bass lines and tight drum rhythms ready to stir the crowd in a punkesque way, being able to make everybody frantically move their bodies. Hailing from Germany, the band sings in German, English and French.

Lifeless Past will provide the support show with their the gothic-themed postpunk and darkwave music which feels cold and icy, yet exciting and tingling.

This is a V11 x Nospray evening




29 - February, 2024



Deuren open



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