Lena Hessels + Liza Dries - Vessel 11

Lena Hessels + Liza Dries

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Lena Hessels

As the daughter of Terrie Hessels, guitarist in infamous underground band The Ex, Lena Hessels knew at a very early age that she also wanted to step onto the big stage. When she was young she accompanied her father a lot on tour, and she was always surrounded with aspiring and known musicians. This dreamlike upbringing also had it’s difficulties, as there was a lot of pressure on Lena when she started to make music.

Luckily, this pressure is not noticeable in her songs. It’s music that has a serious attitude, but she still manages to let it sound light, sassy and a bit playful. It’s drenched with the bedroom dream pop vibes we all know and love. Let’s bath together in bath of warm sounds on this evening in V11.

Support: Liza Dries 


31 - March, 2023



Deuren open



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