I Am Oak - Vessel 11

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I Am Oak

I Am Oak has been around for quite some years. They’re well known for their hits such as Woandering and On Trees, but the group that exists around Thijs Kuijken has traded in their acoustic guitars for electric ones, and a sometimes more electronic sound. But not always, they can still conquer your heart with a great acoustic song accompanied by Thijs’ beautiful voice.

It doesn’t matter which instrument is used, the songs are still as timid, intimate and beautiful as ever. Their unique power to describe their thoughts and feelings, and then couple them to a certain sound is extraordinary. This is the reason why they have been cherished for years, and will be for many years to come.

After the live performances, V11’s dance floor opens up to everyone with a DJ on decks, free of charge! Dance nights at V11 are curated by DJ Klapsalon.


04 - December, 2022



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