Hotel Lux + Average Life Complaints - Vessel 11

Hotel Lux + Average Life Complaints

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Hotel Lux

Rotterdam didn’t forget Hotel Lux. After a memorable show as a support slot for Shame in 2018, the time has come to stand on their own two feet in the port city. With a few new instruments and additions to the garrison, they are ready to take their turn in an attempt to sink the red boat, as so many have tried before them.

Look out; the stubborn music of the English lads is like a knife that cuts at both sides and sharp and pointy objects stick out at all sides. Often accompanied by organs, violins and other frills, the peculiar guitars and stoic frontman set an enigmatic and almost frightful mood. Their music feels like a fever dream that is set in the Wild West; full of scare men, leather vests and loaded guns.

Support: Average Life Complaints


03 - February, 2023



Deuren open



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